Take Yourself or a Date to The Yellow Deli!


Ever been to Frontierland at Disneyland?  That’s exactly what The Yellow Deli reminds me of, except that it’s a lot more peaceful, the prices are way cheaper, and it’s run by the Twelve Tribes community.  The Yellow Deli is located in Vista, California on East Broadway.  I lived in Vista for 3 years and moved closer to the coast right before the Yellow Deli opened its doors on February 14, 2010.  Had I stayed in Vista I would’ve made this my regular lunch spot.  The staff is friendly; the service is good; the food is fresh; the drinks are amazing; and the ambiance is so welcoming.  The Yellow Deli is the opposite of sterile and impersonal.  Everything about the place is organic.  If you go there on a Wednesday you’ll have the opportunity to buy fresh, organic fruits, veggies, and their specially made green drink right in front of the restaurant.  Members of The Morning Star Ranch community put their boundless love into building their restaurant.  You can see and feel the quality and care as soon as you walk inside.  The staff wear genuine smiles and their demeanor is warm and friendly.



My favorite drink is the papaya mate.  It’s an ice cold yerba mate sweetened with fresh papaya juice.  It’s so amazing!  I always order 2 of them, because I like it that much, but if you’re craving something a little creamier then you may want to try their piña colada smoothie.  It’s rich in natural sweetness and delightfully filling.  The soups, sandwiches, and salads are good, but their homemade chili wins hands down.  It’s rich with spices and has plenty of tender ground beef.  Let’s talk desserts and let’s remember that it’s a humble deli – the cream cheese pie with strawberries is delish but the slices are a little small (for me), but that’s probably because I’m used to massive American sized portions.  The Yellow Deli is the perfect place for a first date, lunch or tea with a friend, or a happy place to study.  It’s absolutely perfect for students!  I would feel very comfortable grabbing a table outside, setting up my laptop, and cozying up with a homemade peanut butter cookie, a slice of cream cheese pie and a variety of hot and cold teas.  That would be a freakin awesome day!  It sounds so good I want to do it right now!



I asked the man who greeted us if he was the owner and he said, “Yes, we are all the owners.”  The Twelve Tribes members who work at The Yellow Deli live, work, and pray together at The Morning Star Ranch in Valley Center, California.  I pulled this from Wikipedia to help explain their beliefs:

“The Twelve Tribes’ beliefs resemble those of Christian fundamentalism and Messianic Judaism; however the group believes that all denominations are fallen, and so refuse to align themselves with any denomination or movement.  They believe that in order for the messiah to return, the Church needs to be restored to its original form seen in the Acts 2:38–42 and Acts 4:32–37. This restoration is not merely the restoration of the 1st century church, but of a new Israel consisting of Twelve Tribes in twelve geographic regions.”