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My first time at Lightning in a Bottle! 2012

When I think of Lightning in a Bottle the first image that pops into my head is of a guy wearing assless chaps with a Puff the Magic Dragon plushie on the end of his penis.

This was my very first festival.  My husband and I didn’t know how long we would want to be there so we decided to try it out for 1 day.  We chose Sunday because it was my birthday.

Lightning in a Bottle is a celebration of art, music, performance, sustainability and life. It takes place annually on May 24th-28th at the Oak Canyon Ranch in Silverado, CA.

“In current usage, the word “freak” is commonly used to refer to a person with something strikingly unusual about their  appearance or behavior.”  I pulled this from Wikipedia.

I was in a sea of freaks.  I was one of them.  There were a few people who wore “normal” clothes, but they looked like the real freaks. Normal is boring, but totally accepted.  Everyone was accepted – how you dressed didn’t really matter.  Lightning in a Bottle is about being who you are and expressing it any way you like.  It’s a festival of non-judgement.  You want to let your boobies go bare?  No judgement.  You want to take drugs all week?  No problem.  How about men dressing in drag?  Welcome!  This is a place where you can hula hoop, climb installations, listen to music, get your face painted, do acro yoga, hear different speakers, experience gong therapy, eat vegetarian fare, dance all day and all night, take a nap on the grass, row a boat, and connect with people.

Let me suggest that you wait until after a festival to start any kind of colon cleanse.  I had to learn the hard way.  I took a bunch of herbs before we arrived at the festival and then I bought a large veggie juice from one of the vendors inside.  We were there for over 12 hours that day and I must’ve used the Port A Pottie at least 15 times.  Needless to say, my poor bum was in a lot of pain from all the wiping.  Thank God I brought a package of baby wipes.  There were a few times when all of the Port A Potties ran out of toilet paper and I thanked my lucky stars that the ones I chose always had a little teepee to spare.  I don’t want to get too graphic, but some of the Port A Potties were nasty – poo on the freakin toilet seat.  Someone had totally missed the hole and shat all over the seat.  Just gross.  I ended up holding it in until a “clean” Port A Pottie became available.  The whole colon cleansing incident played a huge part in my overall experience.  I was still able to have a good time – I just couldn’t eat anything unless I wanted to go back in line for the toilet.  You may say I was a “party pooper.”  haha!  I love making myself laugh.

Overall, I’m glad I went.  I wasn’t high on any drugs (although I think this would have been a great place to do it) and I didn’t drink any alcohol.  I felt a bit of ‘sensory overload’ at times when I wanted to just be still and enjoy some quiet.  When I danced, I danced with all my heart and I loved it.  I felt free in my movements and I felt the music inside of me.

Would I go again?  Perhaps, but I want to experience so many other things, too.  I haven’t been to Coachella or Burning Man and both of those are on my list.