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Liver Cleanse (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of my Apple Juice Fast & Liver Cleanse.  Please see Part 1 here:


Let’s continue to Day 4, The Liver Cleanse

Day 4

  • 2 glasses of Trader Joe’s unfiltered, organic apple juice
  • 3 cups of warm water mixed with lemon juice from 1 lemon plus a dash of cayenne
  • 2 glasses of fresh pink grapefruit & fresh lemon juice
  • Vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 + Folic acid combo (1 MicroLingual tablet)
  • Dr. Hulda Clark’s liver cleanse protocol (Epsom salts, extra light tasting olive oil, Black walnut tincture, L-Ornithine powder, and fresh organic pink grapefruit)

Woke up really irritated, impatient, and angry.  I’m not hungry – just pissed.  My husband’s business trip got postponed to next week instead of this week, so he’s been with me this entire time.  My sensitivities are heightened – tastes are stronger; smells are more pungent; my hearing is more acute; I’m feeling very emotionally vulnerable.  My body and mind can put up with a lot.  Equally, they can do without.  I am both a lover and a fighter and right now I feel like being stubborn.  Today I will do an intense liver cleanse.  This is my 4th day fasting.  Honestly, I can’t believe how doable this fast has been.  I almost feel like I need to do a longer fast next time, because the negative feelings are only starting to come out now.  Today will be a day for emotional cleansing, deep breathing, and contemplation.  This fast has proven to be highly beneficial for me.

I will be following Dr. Hulda Clark’s liver cleanse protocol today.  You can find it on the web here:  http://www.drclark.net

Epsom salts are nasty.  I drank my Epsom salt water mixture at 6 PM & 8 PM.  I added 1/4 of a Super Orange Emergen-C packet to each Epsom salt drink to help with the taste.  It didn’t do much but it did help a teeny bit with the aftertaste.  At 9:45 PM I prepared the grapefruit juice/Black walnut/olive oil mixture.  At 10 PM I drank the olive oil mixture with 8 L-Ornithine capsules.  I was so thankful that it didn’t taste bad.  In fact, compared to Epsom salts, it tasted good.  I chased the olive oil concoction down with a few sips of Annie’s Naturals Organic Oil & Vinegar salad dressing.  Dr. Clark’s protocol offered this as an option and although I didn’t need it I did it anyway.  The salad dressing tasted so good!  It made the experience a little more enjoyable.  Because I’ve been having trouble falling asleep this past week I took a few drops of melatonin just to help me fall asleep.  After that I went straight to bed.  I laid down flat on my back and placed my hands over my liver and abdomen.  I kid you not but I actually felt a train of stones traveling through me.  It has got to be the trippiest thing!  I felt them moving for about 20 minutes.

Day 5

Melatonin (even the smallest amount) gives me some intensely emotional dreams and last night was no exception.  I woke up several times throughout the night to check what time it was.  I felt like a kid getting excited for Christmas morning.  At 6 AM I woke up without an alarm (I slept lightly that night).  I felt a little nauseous and the thought of having to drink more Epsom salt water was making it worse.  So I stayed in bed for another 45 minutes.  I got up to use the bathroom and found 2 clumps of tan colored gallstones floating on the water.  They were the size of peas and they were made up of about 15-20 small gallstones all stuck together.  Gross!  And cool!

I forced myself to drink my 3rd Epsom salt water at 7 AM and then again at 9 AM.  I went to the bathroom.  Lo and behold I pooped out the supposed gallstones!  Funny though, because they were bright green in color and looked rather soft and shiny.  They certainly didn’t look like something that had been accumulating in my body over a long period of time.  These things were Ninja Turtle green!  I drove over to my colon hydrotherapist’s office to make it to my 9:30 AM appointment.  Hundreds of ‘gallstones’ flowed out of me during my session after which I felt really fatigued.  I went home to lie down and do some more research about my liver cleanse.

And of course I had to take a picture.

liver cleanse

Something wasn’t right.  As my husband had said, “If it were true then wouldn’t everybody be doing it?”  I dug deeper to find credible articles and testimonials from medical doctors stating that the liver flush/gallbladder flush/liver cleanse was a hoax.  I hadn’t pooped out gallstones – my body had made soap balls!  I was duped and it was my own damn fault.  I took the advice of one colon hydrotherapist and 1 naturopathic doctor.  The extent of my research was researching Dr. Hulda Clark’s website.  Her kidney cleanse, liver cleanse, and parasite cleanse protocols made sense to me so I didn’t question them.  That was my mistake.  I should have done so much more research.  I usually do, but for some reason I hadn’t this time.  This was a very good reminder for me.

Even if I had done a lot more research prior to the liver cleanse I would have still tried it anyway.  There are still some people out there claiming that it helped them.  I have that kind of personality where I like to try a lot of things so that I can speak from personal experience.  Dr. Clark’s liver cleanse isn’t considered extremely risky.  I’m also in good health so my body can handle a lot.  Although, her protocol doesn’t typically produce positive results in young, healthy individuals it has been noted by those same articles that denounced the liver cleanse that there was a possibility, albeit small, that some gallbladder stones could be released and excreted.

At first I was upset because I had believed in something that I thought was true.  Then I got angry at the individuals who are promoting this liver cleanse to anybody and everybody.  That is so irresponsible and gives alternative medicine a bad name.  It’s hard enough working in an industry that is laden with mystics, angels, and fairies.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a lot of the mysticism that can be wrapped around alternative healing, but I am also scientific-minded.  Overall, I am glad I had this experience because there was a lesson that I learned:  Research, research, research!  And look for research from credible sources.  As for the liver cleanse, I would not recommend it to most people based on the fact that one does not release gallstones – your body actually takes the olive oil, grapefruit/lemon juice, and mixes it with some of your digestive juices to make soap.  Squirt some bile on there and you’ve got little green soap balls.

This liver cleanse is still very popular hence the protocols that still exist and are easily available in books and on the web.  I read some stories of people having far less gallstones following a liver cleanse, but that is not enough evidence for me to continue doing this particular cleanse.  The lesson of the day is, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

My 3-Day Apple Juice Fast (Part 1)

Juice Fast

WARNING:  This post is rife with poop jokes.

I have attempted juice fasts in the past with little success.  I didn’t really want to do them – I just felt that I should do them.  No dice.  I barely lasted a day and I didn’t do anything to prepare for them.  I have never gone more than 1 day without eating…until now.

I prepared for this cleanse 2 weeks ago without evening knowing it.  I started to slowly reduce my carbohydrate intake.  Mostly I chilled out on my white rice, bread, and pasta consumption – I didn’t omit them completely; I just reduced my intake.  The awareness of my carbohydrate consumption was the biggest thing for me.  I was eating a lot of potatoes, rice, pasta, or bread with every meal.  My portions are bigger than the ‘suggested serving size.’  What was really interesting to notice is that my sugar intake was a lot higher than I expected.  I was eating ice cream, cakes, smoothies, and other desserts almost on a daily basis.  I was adding honey or organic sugar to my tea instead of stevia (because I no longer enjoy the taste of stevia).  I was in denial about how much sugar I was actually consuming.  The awareness of what and how much I was actually consuming was huge.  Something needed to be done.

I started eating more meats, veggies, and fruits instead of breads, pastas, and rice.  I started to feel a lot lighter and less bloated.  After 2 weeks I made an appointment for a colon hydrotherapy session.  I was really surprised to see how much crap (literally) came out of me.  It was a rather enjoyable experience.  I had privacy during the entire session and I was able to ‘watch the show’ as it happened.  After it was done I spoke with the therapist about different kinds of cleanses.  She recommended an intense liver cleanse by Dr. Hulda Clark.  She said that she pooped out so many gallstones from that cleanse!  I was totally intrigued and decided right then and there that I would research it.  She also suggested doing a 3 Day apple juice fast prior to the liver cleanse to help clean out the liver, kidneys, and colon.  She was speaking from personal experience and so I took her suggestions into consideration.

I had learned about the apple juice fast when I was taking classes to become a Nutritionist.  I was ready to try it.  A few days prior to starting my fast I drank a lot of fresh beet, carrot, and lemon juice.  I no longer had the desire to eat bigger sized portions.  Occasionally, I would get an intense craving for bread and so I’d simply allow myself to have some and then the craving would go away for several days.

So here we are.  Below is a journal of my experiences during each day of the fast.  If you are interested in doing a fast I would recommend that you speak with a health care professional before doing so.  Every body is different, therefore we all have different needs.  This particular fast is tailored to my individual needs although you may find that certain aspects of my fast will work for you as well.  Listen to your body and be kind to yourself.

Day 1

  • 6 glasses of Trader Joe’s unfiltered, organic apple juice
  • 3 cups of warm water mixed with lemon juice from 1 lemon
  • 2 servings of burdock root tincture mixed in hot water
  • 1 cup of peppermint tea
  • 1 cup of lemon-ginger tea
  • Room temperature water and plain hot water (I didn’t count the number of glasses)
  • Organic women’s multivitamin

That’s it.  Plain, room temperature water can get really boring really quick so opting for hot plain water or water with fresh lemon juice will help keep things interesting.    I kept my appointment to give Reiki to a new client and it was beautiful.  I purposely scheduled it for earlier in the day when I hadn’t started drinking apple juice yet.  The session went smoothly and without interruption.  I got a little hungry at certain times during the day, but it actually wasn’t all that bad – I would just drink a glass of apple juice and the hunger would subside.  The apple juice really cleaned me out by making me poop several times throughout the day.  Not to be gross, but the result was similar to colon hydrotherapy (mostly liquid poop).  I highly recommend having flushable baby wipes available – your tush will be happy that you did.  I journaled outside in the sunshine; today was hot and sunny.  In the late afternoon I started to feel tired so I took a nap – a 3 hour long nap!  My naps are usually pretty long (about 2-2.5 hours) but I haven’t needed one in months.  Also, my circadian sleep cycle has been wacky since I started this blog because most nights I’ll be up until 3 am writing.  I’m so excited that I just can’t sleep!  I allowed myself to take a long nap today and I felt refreshed when I woke up.  I decided to scrub my tub so that I could have the perfect bath.  That little bit of exercise was gentle and got my blood pumping.  I drew a hot, steamy bath with a few cups of epsom salts and decided to take extra good care of my skin by applying a mud mask to my face and neck.  As I soaked in the tub I finished reading “The Tao of Pooh” by Benjamin Hoff (more like “The Tao of Poo” – how ironic and what a crappy joke).  Day 1 has been completed and it wasn’t terrible at all!  It was actually quite nice.

Day 2

  • 5 glasses of Trader Joe’s unfiltered, organic apple juice
  • 2 cups of warm water mixed with lemon juice from 1 lemon
  • 2 servings of burdock root tincture mixed in hot water
  • 1 cup of peppermint tea
  • 1 cup of lemon-ginger tea
  • 8 glasses of room temperature/hot water
  • 1 glass of V8 juice
  • Organic women’s multivitamin
  • Vitamins B12/B6 & Folic acid combo (1 MicroLingual tablet)
  • 1 CleanseMore capsule (to help with constipation)

Last night as I laid in bed trying to go to sleep I thought about what I will want to eat as soon as this fast is over.  I thought about the scrumptious lentil soup from Tin Leaf restaurant.  The hunger pangs hit me hard at bedtime so I did Reiki on my stomach.  It helped a lot.  If you feel like your days are flying by and there just isn’t enough time, then try fasting.  There was nothing quick about yesterday.  I was especially aware of time as I laid in bed trying to sleep – alone with my thoughts.  And it wasn’t even all that bad.  I fell asleep after about an hour.  I woke up remembering the scary dreams that I had but at least I wasn’t hungry.  The nightmares represented a fear that I must soon face:  Living in L.A.

Today I did some light exercise.  I spent an hour walking outside in the full sun.  I walked for 2.5 miles and took a route that led me up a small hill.  I did some squats and push-ups but didn’t overdo it.  Day 2 of my fast is a lot easier than the first day.  The only time that I really felt uncomfortable was when someone was cooking food in my house.  The smell is what drives me nuts.  If you eliminate (or limit) the aroma of food then I promise you it will make your fasting experience so much more enjoyable.  I didn’t have any bowel movements today.  One of the common symptoms of doing a fast is constipation, so right before I go to sleep I will take an herbal supplement that will help.  Fasting has really heightened my awareness and increased my energy.  I drank a glass of V8 juice for the nutrients and salt.  I pooped a lot yesterday and needed to replace my electrolytes.

Bedtime is the worse time.  When it’s just me and my thoughts I really start to think about food.  I thought about eggs scrambled easy, crispy bacon, and english muffins.  Dear God!  I had a really difficult time going to bed.  I turned on my booklight and started reading “The Devil and Miss Prym.”  Good book so far.

I had dreams about focusing on my career, personal independence, and pooping.

Day 3

  • 5 glasses of Trader Joe’s unfiltered, organic apple juice
  • 4 cups of warm water mixed with lemon juice from 1 lemon plus a dash of cayenne
  • 1 serving of burdock root tincture mixed in hot water
  • 2 glasses of room temperature/hot water
  • 1 glass of V8 juice
  • Organic women’s multivitamin
  • Vitamins B12/B6 & Folic acid combo (1 MicroLingual tablet)
  • 1 CleanseMore capsule (to help with constipation)

Woke up and had a bowel movement.  I couldn’t believe that I still had anything in me!  I was amazed.  I have an incredible amount of energy today.  I went out and ran a bunch of errands and picked up everything that I will need for tomorrow’s liver cleanse.  I did a bunch of chores at home.  I feel energized but my head feels a little foggy.  Surprisingly, I’m not really hungry.  Plain water is getting really boring really fast, so I drank more hot water with lemon and spiced it up with a dash of cayenne pepper.  I scheduled a colon hydrotherapy session for Thursday morning.  I did some light chores, paid my bills, and prepared everything for tomorrow’s cleanse.  I had a second bowel movement in the evening.  I’ve made time every day to do some reading and writing.  I’ve also been preparing for the Moksha Festival in Santa Monica this coming weekend.  I’ll be working at the festival on Saturday and Sunday.

I’ve had an epsom salt bath every day of my fast and today’s bath left my muscles extra relaxed.  After I got out of the tub I noticed that my mind was still alert but my muscles were 100% relaxed.  I watched a documentary on sex (not porn) and then went to bed.  I had trouble sleeping again so I read for an hour.   I want to reiterate that bedtime is the worst time for me.  That’s when my stomach begins to rumble and I start thinking about protein.  I’m going to force myself to wake up early tomorrow morning so that I can fall asleep easier the next night.

See “Part 2″ for the 4th day of my fast and the liver cleanse!  This may surprise you..

Fasting Notes:

The first day of the fast was the hardest.

My sexual energy has increased since I started fasting.

You can set yourself up for success by considering a few things:

Create an environment that supports and nurtures your goals.  I made everyone in my house aware of my fast and liver cleanse.  Anytime that someone would cook food I would ask them to turn on a fan to help dispel the aroma.  I would also move away from the kitchen and sometimes go outside for a walk.  To smell good food cooking during a fast is torture.  I did not tempt myself with the delicious smells; I avoided them completely.  I rescheduled all of my appointments and Reiki sessions for after my cleanse.  A low stress, less demanding scheduling creates a healing environment.  If you can schedule your cleanse during a time when you will not have to work, that would be ideal.  Number one, you’re going to be going to the bathroom a lot and number two (pun intended), you’ll want to keep your stress levels at a minimum.  Fasts and cleanses give you a rare opportunity to listen to your body and any craziness going on in your head.  Your ego may get louder and negative feelings may start to bubble up to the surface.  Fasts and cleanses go beyond just feelings of hunger.  They penetrate into your addictions whatever they may be.  I’m using my cleanse as a way of “rebooting myself.”  Like a computer that needs to be rebooted from time to time to start fresh and work more efficiently I want my body to do the same.  If you go on a fast or cleanse and then eat burgers and fries the next day then that’s fine, but I’m using my cleanse as a ‘deep internal organ cleaning’ and as motivation to start eating healthier.

“Part 2″ will be about my liver cleanse experience.  Stay tuned.