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Rockbox Jewelry by Aaron Claud


“Symmetry is a big deal.” – Aaron Claud

Most people think he’s a tattoo artist.  He’s not.  Aaron Claud is a ridiculously talented jewelry designer, who is addicted to coffee and fishing.  His company is called Rockbox and is based out of San Diego, California.

Aaron doesn’t wear his own jewelry.  In fact, he doesn’t wear any jewelry at all.  He prefers to illuminate himself with intensely colorful tattoos that have made their homes on his arms, neck, and chest.  His passion is making handmade jewelry, body pieces, bolo ties, and head pieces for other human beings to enjoy.

“I started making jewelry about two years ago.  I was dating this girl and we used to go to a vintage store in San Diego.  She showed interest in these wire wrapped rings.  I investigated these rings because they were kind of rinky-dink and seemed like they would only last a couple of months.  I told her that I could make those; I could make them better.  I went out and bought some supplies and made her a couple of rings for Valentine’s Day and she and her roommates thought they were rad, so I kept doing it.”

The materials he uses to make his jewelry consists of yellow brass, raw stones, crystals, castings of animal skulls, and vintage goodies.  His body adornments are edgy, eccentric, and androgynous.

Aaron not only makes jewelry for women.  He designed and created an amazing brass and turquoise ring for my husband.

When I first discovered Aaron’s jewelry at Hunt & Gather in San Diego I immediately noticed the quality of his work.  The owner of the store described him as a “perfectionist.”  I knew exactly what she was talking about – I could see that every one of Aaron’s pieces were well-thought-out.  They were not only edgy, sexy, and earthy, but they were so comfortable!  His jewelry is either adjustable in size or it has been fitted to your specific measurements.  I have ordered several custom-made pieces from Aaron where I gave him a rough outline of what I envisioned him making.  He used my ideas as inspiration to create one-of-a-kind pieces for me that reflected my personal style.  He amazed me every single time with the final outcome.

Aaron:  “That’s a hard question to answer:  What stereotype or category do you find yourself in?  I’m tattooed and wear fitted clothes so some people will say, “That guy is a hipster.”  I guess.  I don’t know, but my category of hipster would be very different from other people’s because I see it as the guys with the curly mustaches that have the little train operator hats who wear leather vests and bell bottom jeans with boots, and they’re in rock bands.  That is what a hipster is to me.”